The Secret of Birds

Pigeon Run in the Piazza Alfred Pleyer© 2011 Alfred Pleyer


Boy and Egg


Every few minutes, he wants

to march the trail of flattened rye grass

back to the house of muttering

hens. He too could make

a bed in hay. Yesterday the egg so fresh

it felt hot in his hand and he pressed it

to his ear while the other children

laughed and ran with a ball, leaving him,

so little yet, too forgetful in games,

ready to cry if the ball brushed him,

riveted to the secret of birds

caught up inside his fist,

not ready to give it over

to the refrigerator

or the rest of the day.

Naomi Shihab Nye  Copyright © 1998.

Source: Fuel (BOA Editions Ltd., 1998)


About the Photographer:

Alfred Pleyer

Alfred loves to travel and photograph.

He hails from Austria.

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  1. Noelle you have done it again!! This combination of words and picture is so endearing and speaks the language of kindness and tenderness  the marvelous quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic...WOW!! The child is so adorable and a picture of genuine glee among the birds!! Kudos to a fantastic photographer ~ Alfred Pleyer for capturing a gorgeous moment in life!! Can there be  more gentleness and sensitiveness than the following lines of a fabulous poet as Naomi Shihab Nye. Best Wishes Noelle!! ~Nanka
    "..the secret of birdscaught up inside his fist,not ready to give it overto the refrigeratoror the rest of the day." 

  2. I just love the poem and photo together -- magnificent!

  3. Yes. The poem and the picture. A great, deep, wonderful new group of sensations...


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