God Scatters a Handful of Stones/Haiku my Heart

On the rocks©2011 Thomas Russ Arnestad  Ocean water washing the rocks on the shore. This image is captured on the west coast of Herfoel, Hvaler, Norway. Extra long shutterspeed captures the smoky feel to the water during this beautiful sunset.
In Roiling Blue Mists
God Scatters These Great, Dark Stones
In Handfuls at Sea.
~Noelle Renee 10.20.11

Cross by the sea©2011 Thomas Russ Arnestad A wooden cross made out of drifting wood from the ocean. The cross is found on the west coast of Herfoel, an island in Hvaler, Norway.

Here, the Rocks Gather
To Remember One Who Sailed,
Never Finding Shore.
~Noelle Renee

About The Photographer:
Arnestad profile
About Arnestad Photography
Arnestad Photography (NO 990 983 267 MVA) presents the photographic work of Thomas Russ Arnestad (b.1979, Oslo).
He works as the Head of Photography at
Inviso AS, the largest real estate photography company in Norway. During low season he performs ad-hoc photographic work for numerous clients.
Besides interior photography he also shoots a lot of landscape, architecture, cars, products and travel images to name a few.
His interest began, as for many others, with the fascination of light and the beautiful impact it has on the nature surrounding us. From there on, it´s been a long journey to get where he´s at now. His nature and landscape photography, is today as then, a form for recreation and an excuse to spend some time alone.
Recent photos have been targeted into more specific projects and series than before. This is the way to go for getting more thought and substance into the photography for Arnestad.

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  1. Beautiful photos Noelle! They look almost surreal... and what an interesting job Arnestad has. Sometimes I am filled with wanderlust (again!), especially when I see such beauty in a seascape! *sighs*

  2. These have a dreamy quality. lovely.

  3. I like how your first Haiku rolls into the next!! The second Haiku is full of poignant grief!! It evokes a sense of sadness and sorrow!! The one who set out and never returned, very touching indeed!!
    You have done much justice to Thomas Russ Arnestad's photography!! Magnificent shots to inspire you with the words in your Haiku!!

    A sea mans life is for global unity, his travels take him far and wide, he makes every soil that he lands on his own and people are happy to welcome him as he carries so many tales from far off lands. Sometimes he has to accept the land in death, never to return home!!
    Noelle the words are lovely!!
    With Best Wishes!!

  4. First of all, the connection is uncanny. I have written about Stone Beings today for Haiku My Heart.
    I love the sea, as you know. I love the mystery that surrounds those that never found shore. I visit these maritime memorials whenever I pass their way. Such a reverence for it all. Fantastic haiku from a fantastic human being. Thank you.


  5. The beauty of the picture and the words leaves me speechless!!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  6. Wonderful haiku Noelle! I can almost see his big hand throwing stones...! Enjoy the weekend!

  7. I like the visual you give of scattering stones. Peaceful, lovely haiku and art. Thank you!

  8. i love how impossibly small yet protected i feel with your image of god's dark stones scattered in handfuls at the sea. the idea that each one is placed, in its perfect place and the feeling it evokes that there is a rightness and reason to each particle of life.

    i love too the free will you give these same dark stones, that in their free will they gather in love, support, and honor.

    your words, as stunning as the photographs that inspired them.

  9. Another beautiful way to 'remember'

  10. Each time I visit your site, I see a magnitude of depth and caring that is unlike anywhere else. Your images are incredible...your words, stunning!

  11. such a lovely tapestry of image and word... i love the soft blues and greys in these photos. they make me feel peaceful.

  12. Your words give life to these beautiful photographs.

  13. I love the image of God scattering stones...

    Haiku Your Heart Here


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