A Circle of Friends ~ For My Friend Joe

Circle of Friends George Koruth from Kids Life photos©2011 George Koruth

The World Exists Within

A Circle of Friends

_DSC0190(2)© 2011 George Koruth

Shoulder to Shoulder,

We Anchor our Hearts Together,

Bound by Memories of Time and Place

In a Sacred Litany of Belonging.

Unfulfilled Dreams KoruthUnfulfilled Dreams ©2011 George Koruth

Together we Breathe in Hope

Presenting Our Colorful Offerings

To the Compassionate One who Blesses Our Dreams

Remembering, that, in One of Many Incarnations, He had Little.

At home among friends George Koruth©2011 George Koruth

Alone, Life’s Challenges Weigh Heavy in the Balance

and Sometimes it Feels as though

We are Not Sure We Want to Travel in the Direction

Others have Walked;

bicycle dreams KoruthLiving Childhood © 2011 George Koruth

Yet, Wearing the Heart of Heroes,

We Continue the Journey,

Overcoming Great Obstacles

Sometimes Alone,

Sometimes with a Faithful Companion,

Anticipation George KoruthSmiles from the Slum © 2011 George Koruth

Until Our Spirits Soar Again,

Feeling as if we are One-Hundred Strong,

Returning to The Circle of Friendship,

Our Source of Nurture, Strength and True Belonging.

~Words by Noelle Clearwater


Special Prayers of affirmation and Love for Joe S.

Peace, Love and Hugs from your good friend, Noelle


About The Photographer

George Koruth

George Koruth is a Travel and Documentary photographer based in India. His collection captures India's rich culture and traditions. One of his specialties is street photography. Be it a smiling child or a wrinkled old woman, you will find a unique collection of faces here. He also loves to showcase social issues and hopes his photographs can give a voice to those people who don't have any say in this world. George has done work for international magazines and websites and has been featured in Indian magazines.

You may find more of his wonderful work  at :




The  copyrighted images above were posted with the Photographer’s permission. All Rights Are Reserved. Thank you.


  1. oh noelle...i woke up this morning dreaming of oaxaca and my time there for dia de los muertos. i had another post all ready to go but the dream was so vital, i just had to write about my experience there. as soon as i finished writing barb's email arrived regarding our joe. thank you for writing in honor or a friend so dear. i join you in my prayers for his return to health and strength. i join this offering so bright and full of love for one who always speaks of peace.

  2. This is a very thoughtful post Noelle, and no one could have done it better for our dear friend Joe S!!
    I try to enjoy everything I do, but it’s just not the same at HMH without Joe S. I hope and pray he feels better real soon. I join in with you in this special prayer for the good health of Joe S.

    The photographs by George Koruth are so special, heart warming and cheerful too!! There is much innocence and strength of oneness, a firm bonding and the genuineness of a true circle of friends is seen on their faces!!

    With all good wishes and good cheer!!

  3. ~~Special Prayers of affirmation and Love for Joe S~~

    this still
    i am thinking...

    {{ these photos
    are so moving
    i feel a quiet softness
    whilst looking at them... }}


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