Real Help For Japan: Shelter, Comfort, Warmth, Dignity, Humanity, Compassion ~ You Choose


We Are Here This Day To Ask you to Join Us in Offering the People of Japan Shelter,Comfort, Warmth and a Chance at Human Dignity in the Face of True Disaster ~


Those who have already suffered the devastation of both earthquake and Tsunami, and fear the future consequences of Nuclear Radiation Poisoning ~


Those who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, livelihoods and all connection to the present and past~

g-cvr-110315-japanQuake-634p.photoblog600Those who don’t know where to turn and because they truly cannot see a real tomorrow~

But There is Hope….

Please Watch this Short and Wonderful film about and see what a wonderful organization with massive volunteer effort, huge compassion and very little overhead can do in a short amount of time to truly help people in need in a substantial and physical way!!


If You would like to Help ~ Simply Sponsor or Join Our Team, Aquatic Angels , by clicking on the name of  the team itself which will take you to a page for where you may donate whatever you can afford to help us in our goal to purchase one Shelterbox or join our Team to help Raise money to Reach our stated Goal of $1,000 dollars (the cost of one box). One ShelterBox can provide Shelter, comfort, warmth, survival and dignity for an extended family of 10 people!

Please Don’t wait until tomorrow. Let your heart lead you today. It doesn’t matter how much you give, but that you give freely out of love and concern for another fellow human being who has lost everything connecting him or her by a slender spider’s thread to this earth and all that we hold dear within it. Think about yourself in those same circumstances and imagine what you would want others to do for you.


Once Again, Simply click on the team Link below:

Aquatic Angels and either sponsor our team or join us in our compassionate goal. Thank you and God Bless You!

With Peace, Light and Compassion,

Noelle Renee


  1. dear noelle,
    it is my honor to work towards a shelter box with you. i love this opportunity, to realize a green box of promise, honor and compassion. i hope all our blog readers will join us with any amount that is possible to give. to think that our love can be realized in a portable shelter, and a catch of tools to begin day by day to rebuild a life. something tangible from our hearts to theirs.
    thank you for creating the aquatic angels page. i will be meeting you there, helping in every way i can.

    much love

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post and organizing your 'team'...of which I am a member :)

    Your huge heart will go far in bringing help and shelter.

  3. Thank you and Bless you, Rebecca dear!

  4. Thank you and Bless you Stephanie!

  5. Blessings Meri! Thank you for joining us!

  6. Beautiful -- if I hadn't already done my donations, I would join you. The pictures are heartbreaking, particularly the one of the little girl with the pink bags.

  7. Thanks, Elizabeth. There was one photo I was going to put on there that just
    broke my heart. It was a young man carrying his elderly father on his back
    trying to get him out of the house before it was deluged. His father was
    wrapped in a blanket. So many photos like that. I think about it every day.
    Thank you for giving to the charity you chose. I am sure that people will
    start giving to ShelterBox. It is a great organization.


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