Let Hummingbird Hearts and Wings Beat for Japan

The Link by Alfredo Sanchez"The Link” with Kind Permission of Alfredo Sanchez

I sit at my window this morning where the world like a passer-by stops for a moment, nods to me and goes ~

( 16 Stray Birds ~ Rabinadrath Tagore)

Snack2”Snack” with Kind Permission from Alfredo Sanchez

The world has kissed my soul with its pain, asking for its return in songs.

( 167 Stray Birds ~ Rabinadrath Tagore)

Link”Link” With Kind Permission of Arturo Sanchez

My heart beats her waves at the shore of the world and writes upon it her signature in tears with the words, "I love thee."

(Stray Birds 29 ~ Rabinadrath Tagore)

For More Beautiful images and words from Haiku My Heart Friday Go to Recuerda Mi Corazon. We are an inclusive community who are currently involved in helping with AID to Japan.

About the Photographer:

Alfredo Sanchez hails from Irapuato, Mexico. He generously offered to share his astonishingly beautiful photos when he heard that we were raising funds for the people of Japan. You can find these and other photos of his  at the following link http://1x.com/v2/#?action=profile&u=37875&show=1, or click on any of the actual photos or titles and you will be directed to his site at 1x.com. Thank you Alfredo Sanchez. We are deeply grateful!


Mission To Help Bring AID and Comfort To Japan:
The Aquatic Angels  is a fundraising team that has formed online in an effort to help the wonderful and deserving people of Japan who need our mercy, compassion and care.  We are giving you the opportunity to Join Us in Offering the Japanese People, who have faced the disaster of both Earthquake and Tsunami ~ Shelter, Comfort, Warmth and a Chance at Human Dignity in the Face of True Disaster. If you would like to help  our team, Aquatic Angels,~ simply Sponsor us, by clicking on any one of the  colored links in the poems  above or the team name link in this paragraph or any of the “shelter colored links.  In addition, there is a ShelterBoxUSA Logo at the bottom of my blogsite page. It says “ShelterBoxUSA” and Aquatic Angels Team. You may click on the Logo as well.

Clicking will take you to a page for ShelterBoxusa.org where you may donate whatever you can afford to help us in our goal to purchase a Second Shelterbox for $1,000 dollars (the cost of one box). We are deeply grateful to those who have helped us reach our first goal. We raised $1,000 and were able to send off our first Box thanks to the generosity and compassion of loving hearts! Arigatou gozaimasu! Each ShelterBox can provide Shelter, comfort, warmth, survival and dignity for an extended family of 10 people! We want to continue to offer hope to children and families who currently do not see a brighter tomorrow! Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

So that you know exactly where your resources are going, here is a 5 min. film explaining the ShelterBox concept and what you are actually contributing to when you give to this organization.


Families Are Grateful for ShelterBox Solution in IWATE Prefecture, Japan

The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) operating in Japan is continuing its work in the Iwate Prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami.
The team has been based in and around Rikuzentakata and Ofinato, two towns which were hit by the full fury of the tsunami. In Rikuzentakata, according to the latest reports, more than 80% of the 8,000 households have been swept away. The town was well prepared against earthquakes and tsunamis but its 6.5 metre high seawall could do nothing to stop the force of the wave.
The number of casualties from the disaster continues to rise and the latest figures from OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) say that there have been 8,649 confirmed deaths and a further 13,262 people missing. Close to 350,000 people are living in emergency evacuation centres throughout the country.
OCHA adds that the most vulnerable groups currently living in the evacuation centres are beginning to suffer from the psychological toll of having spent ten nights in a communal centre, in freezing temperatures, having lost everything in the disaster.
Mayors from the Prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima have highlighted their priority needs as being fuel, temporary shelters, food and medicine.

This is the scene from Ofinato, ten days after the tsunami struck the town. Photograph: Lasse Petersen


  1. I will definitely check out the shelter box. Thank you for saying hi on my blog- and bringing me back. I have been fighting inertia lately... so your call out to me was much needed:-) I hope you make your goal! Love the hummingbirds.

  2. It is a good thing you do to help people. The images make me numb. Maybe Haiku is an elixer for hope. And Haiklu from the Heart must be so.


  3. Hummingbirds are such powerful totems. But beyond that, just wanted to thank you for leading the Aquatic Angels team and providing a concrete way of taking action in the face of devastation so extreme as to make us feel helpless to make a difference.

  4. Thank you, DeeAnn. It is good to hear from you! I think of you and your sweet children. You are a wonderful mom. You were up late writing this, no doubt with one of your dear little ones. Look forward to seeing your blog dear.

  5. There are many ways for each of us to come together to help the victims of these disasters. Thank you for continuing to shine this light on what we can do.
    And thank you for the images of these amazing birds, so delicate yet so powerful in their own right.

  6. Thank you, Meri. I am grateful for all of you and your compassionate hearts reaching out to the people of Japan and joining me in this action. I am so thankful for good friends who care about making a difference. I am thankful for you, Meri. Hummingbirds are powerful totems, hearts beating fast, wings a flutter, taking nectar from one flower then another ~bringing beauty and energy wherever they go. They are very like small angels I think.

  7. Thank you, Kim for your compassionate heart.

  8. God bless you for all the noble deeds.. ..Thanks for this post with Gurudev Tagore's words..

  9. God Bless you to my friend. Gurudev Tagore is a Great Teacher. I learn
    something new every time I read his words.

  10. Seeker of beauty,
    Purveyor of healing balm,
    May you reap tenfold!

    Love Sue x

  11. Wish you the very best in your endeavors!! Blessed is your team of earnest and conscientious angels, involved in the activity intended to do and accomplish something for the people of Japan!!

    I did see the video you had posted on your blog about ShelterBox and the good work they are involved in, for the past decade and currently in Japan!! I was overwhelmed at the disciplined management, swift organized and well planned transportation of the boxes. My entire family watched the clipping and prayed a silent prayer for an organization like ShelterBox, that it grows and has support from countries all over the world for its noble qualities and all that it stands for.

    Best of wishes for the Aquatic Angels Team!!

    Massive granites fall
    Rubble piles, fury sweeps towns
    Blessed Angels tread

    New hopes resurrect
    Shelters rise midst collapsed roofs
    Return from the dead


  12. lovely, inspiring words and images, juxtaposed with those images of destruction in japan...

  13. noelle, you are an angel for keeping this front and foremost in our minds. the numbers are astounding and sickening. it is hard to imagine coming back from something like this, but people do and the Japanese people are so very strong.


  14. Dearest Nanka,
    Thank you for your kind and generous words of encouragement!! Shelterbox
    started in the UK where you used to travel and still has its headquarters
    there. Thank you and your family for your prayers. We are deeply grateful to
    you for your concern for the Japanese people. You are a good friend, Nanka.
    Love and Blessings,

  15. Noelle, the plight of the Japanese is always foremost in my mind. I thank you for organizing the Aquatic Angels and finding a niche where we could best serve--the shelter box. It was eery to read those haiku by Tagore--it's as though he were foreseeing this challenge. The hmmingbird images show perhaps the greatest beauty nature has to offer. Their main concern is a noble one: to keep very, very busy, going forward and backward, passing nectar among the flowers. I've never seen such beautiful photos of them.

  16. i recently watched a special on hummingbirds what amazing creatures and those pictures up close convey their beauty in the most smallest of details.. alfredo the poet captures the plight of how tender our lives really are... so glad to hear the angels have met their first 1k... it is a wonderful gesture noelle.... prayers to those who have given and continue to give behind the curtain of silence... may the rising sun continue under the grace of mercy

  17. Ms. Pie,
    thank you for your kind words. Yes, Alfredo Sanchez images are magical and
    Tagore's poetry is almost prophetic as Margaret mentioned. Thank you for
    your kindhearted encouragement and loving support. I pray that Japan
    continues to receive support and love from all countries who can support
    her. She is in such great need right now. We are all one family.

  18. Nothing short of absolutely stunning words,art and heart.

  19. What an incredible post quite humbling!

  20. Thank you, Margaret. I am so grateful to have you on the team. You have been a pillar of strength and encouragement and a true angel. Yes, the hummingbirds pursuit is a noble one. I like Meri's point about their being a powerful totem. Your description adds to that idea. Mr. Sanchez will appreciate your comment. He is a wonderful man and asked me to keep him posted about how we are coming along with raising funds. I thought that was lovely. Tagore's words are prophetic it is true. But then he was a great teacher and the world has always been filled with deep challenges. Words like his ring through the ages I believe. Thank you again for your part in all of this.

  21. Yes, Les,
    I thought of you when I posted these hummingbirds. I know that you love birds so dearly. It made me smile to think of it.

  22. your beauty and love
    beat strong....
    for the people of japan.

    i am humbled and inspired by you!


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