Prayers for Japan: “We Lift Our Eyes To The Hills”


iridescent cloud over the himalayas oleg bartunovIridescent Cloud over the Himalayas by Oleg Bartunov 


All afternoon, Sir,
your ambassadors have been turning
into lakes and rivers.
At first they were just clouds, like any other.
Then they broke open.  This is, I suppose,
just one of the common miracles,
a transformation, not a vision,
not an answer, not a proof, but I put it
there, close against my heart, where the need is, and it serves

the purpose.  I go on, soaked through, my hair
slicked back;
like corn, or wheat, shining and useful.

~ Mary Oliver ~

(Why I Wake Early, 2004)


We Lift up the People of Japan,

Those who have suffered the devastation of both earthquake and Tsunami,

Those who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, livelihoods and all connection to the present and past.

Those who don’t know where to turn and fear even looking at the future.

We hold them in the light this day.

We offer them our love, our hearts, our comfort,

our positive and peaceful energy and our hope for a bright future.

We affirm the blessings and Safety that the Compassionate One has for their lives.



Oleg Bartunov is a Research Scientist living in Moscow, Russia who has a passion for photographing phenomenal beauty. For that we are truly grateful. “Iridescent Cloud Over the Himalayas” was posted here with kind permission from the photographer.

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  1. so many hearts lifted up in prayer... perhaps we are given peace in this moment, so we can have the faith to lift them up as they wander through the dark places...

  2. The devestation is hard to comprehend and the possible devistation to come if the nuclear reactors fail....

    my heart goes out

  3. Thank you, Noelle, for this prayer which so resonates. It is so moving I'm sitting here weeping. It made me think, too, of the song "On Eagle's Wings:"
    "And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,
    Bear you on the breath of dawn,
    Make you to shine like the sun,
    And hold you in the palm of His hand." Like the iridescent clouds.

  4. your prayer.....
    from your lips to mine.
    i have spent most of the day outside, silent...close to the earth and to the world.

  5. gorgeous
    moving image and words
    of course I love the Mary Oliver poem
    working and praying...

    love to you,
    xox - eb.

  6. Joining you in pray

  7. It feels so strange and helpless to visit blogs and read about Japan -- I think we're all blindly groping around, no?

  8. Yes, Leslie. I believe that prayer makes a positive difference. Holding Japan in the Light makes a difference. Many people think that only giving money makes a difference but positive energy sent to people who are in need also heals.

  9. Those clouds do not seem possible, but certainly provided you with such words of inspiration! Both profoundly beautiful-to offset (somewhat) the wake of tragedy.

  10. Amazingly, it is a real phenomenon in the Himalayas. Thanks Paula. We hold
    Japan in the Light.

  11. Dearest Noelle,

    Sometimes I feel lost for words, but your words always seem to convey what is needed. I totally agree with you about sending positive energy, the world needs more!

    Sue x


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