Postcards from Paradise: Where Sky and Water Meet

1168467581_YAB2M-XL-1Sunset at Bosque del apache NWR, NM by Vandana Rajagopalan with kind permission of the photographer.

The Fish

There is a fish
that stitches
the inner water
and the outer water together.

Bastes them
with its gold body’s flowing.

A heavy thread
follows that transparent river,
secures it—
the broad world we make daily,
daily give ourselves to.

Neither imagined
nor unimagined,
neither winged nor finned,
we walk the luminous seam.
Knot it.
Flow back into the open gills.

~By Jane Hirshfield

About the Photographer: Vandana Rajagopalan

“I am from India, born in New Delhi,and living in the US for quite a few years now. I am a hematologist-medical oncologist and amateur photographer. I live in Rockford, Illinois.
I love to fight cancer with a passion; I love to use the word 'cure', and though I have more opportunities today than ever before, it is not as much as I would like. There always has to be more. In some of these moments which may be a little depressing, it is Photography that comes to my rescue. It rejuvenates me, shows me a better world, makes me happier, a better oncologist and a better person.”
~Written by Vandana (Taken from her website)

You can see more of her beautiful images at

Postcards from Paradise is the vision of  Rebecca Brooks who would like to see these Sunday blog posts become, “a walk from post to post with the opportunity to rest in reflection together...a walk of peace, that [she hopes ]will grow and comfort many." Bearing that in mind, please stop over at  Recuerda mi Corazon! You will be so glad you did.


  1. dear one,

    this is truly the best of blogging. using the beauty of this world to tie our hearts together in peace. thank you for introducing Vandana Rajagopalan, i am sure i might never have know of her. now i can follow her link and know another bright seeker and sharer of beauty.
    the fish, by Jane Hirshfield, fills me. perfect words....thank you for another connection to beauty and wisdom.
    postcards from paradise, my hope is that it will offer a labyrinth to share each sunday. a walk from post to post with the opportunity to rest in reflection together...a walk of peace, that i hope will grow and comfort many.

    thank you for your place in my heart, and your generous offerings here for all.

  2. Thank you Rebecca,dear. I was truly astonished when I saw this beautiful
    image and realized that it was from the sandhill Crane preserve in New
    Mexico, a place I have wanted to visit but never have been able to. I
    looked for Vandana's site and marveled that a woman researching cures for
    cancer would find the time or energy to create such beauty. It affirmed for
    me that art is truly a healing medium!

  3. This photo is incredible, Noelle, and brought me into the poem right away. It gives me trust, confidence, the ability to walk in the world secure in knowing that the seam is knotted, that all is safe, well. Thank you, Noelle, for this.

  4. Doesn't it seem like sometimes talent gets inequitably distributed in the population? She's an oncologist and a gifted seer and taker of photos, all in one package.

  5. Perhaps, Meri (smile). But here is the wonderful thing. People who have cancer are suffering and this woman travels and creates incredible images from her travels. On her site she has people writing in who have been battling with cancer. I think that her images are healing to them, rejuvenating, so in a very strong sense, she has come up with an alternative cure. I think it is lovely and for her, it is absolutely necessary.

  6. stunning, just stunning....
    the whole new look here is a burst of new beginnings...spring


  7. I see so much intensity in Vandana as a person and beautifully reflected in her photographs too!! She walks steadfastly, firmly and resolute great conviction .

  8. I know that image seems impossible to be real. Like it was heavily manipulated. But, I know for a fact from having been to that site,that that is truly the powerfully raw beauty that exists. And, how blessed we are that Vandana captured it so wonderfully.
    Beautiful and uplifting post!

  9. I knew that you would know this place and had probably visited it. I want to
    go there myself. I told my nephew that next year when I come out to see him,
    I would like it to be in November so that I may see the cranes and see one
    of these glorious sunsets myself. I am glad that you enjoyed it.
    Peace and Light,

  10. you have beautifully sewn together a stunning image with the perfectly written word to create a calming, peaceful post today! Thank you

  11. What a gorgeous photo by Vandana and the poem matches it perfectly. Thanks for sharing.


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