Morning Fiddler ~ Haiku My Heart

photo (3) Gigi ©2011Glenn Capers (published with kind permission, all rights reserved)
From the Photographer in his own words: Early morning in the gray mist of Lima Peru I was having my first coffee and wondering if the strength of it would ruin the day. In the silence I heard singing strings echoing down the weathered concrete walls. Pushing the coffee aside, I found the blind fiddler with his child sleeping against his side. I didn't know he was blind until I moved in quietly and paid attention to the empty plastic container between his legs. In the rush of seeing this dedicated man playing for his living in my view finder, I shook. I silently shot two frames, placed a ten dollar bill in his cup, slipped off into the mist and gave him blessing as I left. I never went back to my coffee. I wanted to taste life and fill my lungs with air from the Andes. ~Glenn Capers

The heart’s melody
played with Hope’s agile bow strings
in a minor key.
~Noelle Renee

In Memory of Joe Spado
May 10, 1949 b.
December 2, 2013 d.

Dedicated to the memory of My Dear Friend Joe Spado, whose presence on this earth I shall miss like the soft welcoming rain at the beginning of every glorious, green Spring.

I wrote this same post for Joe originally in December of 2011 when he was in the hospital with a troubled heart. It was filled with links to "heart-healing" areas for him to explore on the web, places that wouldn't raise his blood pressure but would instead calm his nerves and soothe his mind. The music in the video below is a good example of such a place. I remember that he was very appreciative of the post. I am not certain that he told me personally himself in a phone call. I think that he was too overwhelmed with illness and emotion at the time, but he told me later on this post and let me know how much it meant to him. I reread his words on this post today, so sincere and "heartfelt".  It was an honor to know you, Joe. You were a brave warrior and I feel your spirit, still. I loved the way you always cared for the people too. 
Peace and Love Joe as always,

Linked to Rebecca’s blog at Recuerda mi Corazon.
Violin Portrait, Cinematography project Based on Boys Before Flowers/ Strange Sun

Joe's Sacred Fire

From an email on Sacred Fires sent to me by Joe on 3/27/11:

I have been attending Sundance for many years. I wrote about the experience a few years ago. It is a long story. But I want to ask you if you would read it. I want you to know what I have seen and been taught.
There is a section in this narrative that tells of one night in particular when I was chosen as the Fire Keeper for the Sacred Sundance Fire. I never published this story. It is more of a journal and I hope that my Grandchildren will read it to their Grandchildren long after I'm gone. May I send it?
The Ojibwe say Iskoday. The word means Fire in the Anishanabe language. It sounds more like the people are calling the Fire Keeper Shwabay, or Firefly. Iskoday is asked to spread tobacco in four directions over the fire as prayers are being said or sang in the Sweat Lodge.
You've created a wonderful morning here for me. My spirit is soaring as the morning begins.
Peace to you and all you hold dear,


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