Birthday Post: Into the Cutting Edge of the Sky

Black-shadows-a24188299Black Shadows   ©2013 milan malovrh
Should I dream you afraid so that
you are forced to save yourself?
Or should you ride colored horses
into the cutting edge of the sky
to know that we're alive --
we are alive.
~Joy Harjo, SoulTalk Song Language.
Special thanks to Milan Malovrh for his beautiful work for this repost on my birthday ~ Dec. 30, 2013

Alone © 2013 Milan Malovrh

Into the New Year
She rode on a Shadow Horse
Thinking She Might Fly.
~Noelle Renee

About the Photographer:
Milan Malovrh hails from Trzic, Slovenia. Photography is his primary hobby for which he has a deep passion. He loves Lippizaner horses! You will find more of his heavenly works and many images of these beautiful White Angels on You may also visit his homepage on


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