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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Souls + Water: The Mother

Do our mothers still have dreams, hopes and journeys to make? At age 67, Melody reflects on her life, her hopes, her failures and her dreams while exploring the magnificent waters and canyons of the Utah desert.

From, makers of the award-winning films Wild Water, Seasons, and Cold, comes the groundbreaking web series Of Souls + Water.

Presented By NRS and New Belgium Brewing Co.

Directed, Edited & Shot by Skip Armstrong
Produced by Anson Fogel
Assistant Director Thatcher Bean

Parliament of Owls - Flight in Motion

Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forget Me Not

Kim Noce

Jayne Bevitt

An Short Film, founded by CHANNEL 4 and Produced by Sherbet

Outline (Word Count: 19)

A little fairytale of a child and her imaginary friends, recalled by an old woman drifting into bygone memories

Synopsis (1) (Word Count: 44)

An elderly woman recalls bygone memories: as a child she had three imaginary pets that she held with strings. She carried with her them all day and night, until one day she lost them. She looked for them everywhere to then find them unexpectedly.

Synopsis (2) (Word Count: 122)

This story is told by Betty, an elderly woman, embroidering on a quiet afternoon.
When she was a child, during the Second World War, she had three invisible pets that she held with three strings. She knew they were invisible and the only way she could keep her imaginary friends close was to let never go of the strings.
She carried them all day and night, until one night during an air raid she was forced to leave them behind, losing them. She looked for them everywhere. Time passed and Betty grew old with the sensation that something was always missing, until one day she realised that she has never lost them, because her imaginary friends had always been living inside her.

Technical Information

Original Title: “Forget Me Not”
Format 16:9 FHA Colour Digibeta/Beta
Sound Stereo TV Mix
Duration 3 minutes and 10 second
Language English (no subtitles)
Genres/Category Animation/ Drama/ Fiction
Production Year (14 July) 2006
Country of Production UK

Main Credits

Director/Animator Kim Noce
Producer Jayne Bevitt
Editor Napoleon Stratogiannakis
Sound Designer Rainer Heesch
Music Peter Gosling
Sound Mixer Sion Tammes
Script Andras Gerevich, Liana Dognini
Director of Photography Mike Beresford Jones

Leading Actors

Macy Nyman/Ella MacRae
Old woman
Anna Wing/ Barbara Kingsland


• 2D Cut_Out, Collage of Archive photographs
• Embroidery in Stop Motion
• Live Action

Programmes used
After Effects, Flash, Photoshop

Translation of Title

German Vergißmeinnich
French Ne M'Oubliez Pas
Italian Nontiscordardimé
Swedish Förgätmigej
Danish Forglemmigej
Dutch Vergeet-Mij-Nietje
Romanian Nu-mă-uita
Hungarian Nefelejcs
Czech Pomněnka
Bulgarian Hезабравка; (Nezabravka)
Russian Hезабудка (Nezabudka)
Slovak Nezábudka
Polish Niezapominajka
Spanish Nomeolvides
Japanese ワスレナグサ (Wasurenagusa)
Korean 물망초
Chinese 勿忘草

Director Statement (Word Count: 48)

“Forget Me Not” was inspired by my childhood imaginary friends and by long conversations with my greataunt about her past. The film aim to represent the journey of rediscovery of one’s own beliefs through memories and what was thought to be lost might indeed is always inside you.

Director Biography (1) (Word Count: 55)
DOB 20/06/1973 Mendriso (CH)
Nationality: Italian

Kim graduated in Fine art and then with an MA in the “Animation Director Course” at the National Film and Television School. Currently Kim Noce and her partner Shaun Clark are working together creating the collective of MEWLAB at

Director Biography (2) (Word Count: 155)

Kim graduated from the Academy of Art in Italy with a traditional background in drawing & painting; and she exhibited her work in several galleries across Europe,
Moving to London, she worked as an animator on a number of various productions, and then she graduated with an MA in the “Animation Director Course” at the National Film and Television School. .
Her graduation film “After” has been received very well by more than 30 festivals worldwide… receiving awards along the way, and just recently it has been selected for the Royal Television Society 2006 Award and by London Film Festival 2005
She also have been awarded the “Channel 4’s Animator in Residence Scheme” to create her latest short film “Forget me Not”
Currently Kim Noce and her partner Shaun Clark are working together creating the collective of MEWLAB at

Director Awards (For the film “After”)
(Word Count: 32)

Official Selection London Film Festival UK 2006
Official Selection Royal Television Society UK 2006
Best Animation Sopot Film Poland Festival 2005
Wow Best Animation USA 2005
Anima Best Student Animation Argentina 2005

Director Filmography (Word Count: 64)

“Forget Me Not” Cut_Out Collage of archive Picture and Embroidery 2006
“After” Sculpture, Painted clay, Paint on glass 2005
“MTV Idents” Sand on glass, Stop Motion puppet Flash, and 2D 2004
“Magpie” Traditional 3D model, 2D 2003
“In the Middle” Computer Cut-out animation 2003
“The room” Pixilation 2003
“The line” Sand on glass 2003
“The whole of Amaranth” Pixilation, 2D, computer Cut-out animation 2002

Full Credit List

Director Kim Noce

Producer Jayne Bevitt

Editor Napoleon Stratogiannakis

Sound Designer Rainer Heesch

Music Peter Gosling

Sound Mixer Sion Tammes

Script Andras Gerevich
Liana Dognini

Director of Photography Mike Beresford Jones

Gaffer Fred Todd

Location Marjut Rimmenen

Art Director Kim Noce

Actors Andrea Friedrich
Barbara Kingsland
Ella MacRae
Max Russell
Steve Sole

Voice Artists Macy Nyman
Ros Simmons
Anna Wing

Animation Kim Noce
Shaun Clark
Sharon Colman
Jeroen Jaspaert
Lisa Flather
Robert Milne
Ron MacRae

Assistant Animation Adam Aiken
Gemma Burditt
Kaori Hamilton
Ross McDowell

Production Company Sherbet
Funded by Channel 4

Archive Photography supplied by The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

Contact Details

Film Distribution Contact details
Jane Colling
112-114 Great Portland Street
 +44 (0) 20 7636 6435
 +44 (0) 20 7436 3321

Producer Contact Details
Jayne Bevitt
112-114 Great Portland Street
 +44 (0) 20 7636 6435
 +44 (0) 20 7436 3321

Production Company Contact Details
112-114 Great Portland Street
 +44 (0) 20 7636 6435
 +44 (0) 20 7436 3321

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stairs to No End

Stairs to no end from Daniella Koffler on Vimeo.

The stairs of knowledge leads to the light. A curious girl in a dark world tries to reach it,

but must face those for whom light is an obstacle.

Made as a Graduation film form the "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2011.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light: Svetlana Wynne (Video)

Svetlana talks about her desire to inspire with light and color with her paintings.

Part six of series: Making Art

Music courtesy of Kevin Macleod

Svetlana Wynne was born and raised in Belarus, a republic of the former Soviet Union. While studying psychology and languages in Grodno University she also took courses in art, encouraged by her passion for drawing and painting.

She got a degree that would allow her to teach art in the public school system.

Her love for art drives her to explore new and old art forms. Her paintings are bright and uplifting and often inspire deep thought.

More about Svetlana Wynne at

Monday, May 14, 2012

Old Skool Cafe

this year we launched Share, a stillmotion effort to give back. every year we'll donate our time and gear to tell a one story that could use our help to get a wider audience or recognition. if you'de like to nominate somebody for our next share film, please email us at

getting to know so many of the people that make up Old Skool showed us a world that few of us had ever experienced first hand. it was certainly my first time visiting the projects and you can immediately feel the environment as you enter.

as you'll see in the film, what we were left with was such a warm portrait of these youth who put so much of who they are, and so much heart into making Old Skool a success. i can remember being in that age range, not quite 20 yet, and i don't think i could point to one thing that i care about half as much as these youth care about Old Skool. their perspective and determination at such a young age is absolutely awe-inspiring.

last Friday we brought a projector down to Old Skool to premier this piece. among a packed restaurant, Teresa stopped the kitchen and had everybody come out and take a moment to share in the experience. Tammy's first reaction to the film, through tears, was especially touching. she said that the Old Skool family means so much to her and the film showed the world how she knows each of them to be in her heart.

/////////////////// soundtrack selection

for the soundtrack we needed music that was at first quiet and contemplative, and later uplifting. originally we thought something with piano would work great for the first chapter, but it didn't feel perfect for the tone of the piece - while it filled the quiet need,we still felt the contemplative aspect was missing.

we've always been a fan of Drew Barefoot's music because of the contemplative nature of the music - you can't help but reflect on your own life as you listen to it. Enjoy The Calm filled both needs perfectly - it's both quiet and contemplative. when you watch this film, you feel a sense of calm in the characters as they talk about their past experiences; they've come to terms with who they were, and now they're looking at who they are and who they are going to be, and the title of the track and the music therein couldn't have been more perfect.

for the uplifting chapter, we turned to Kelli Schaefer's - Song For a Friend. the music, while uplifting, isn't over the top - it felt perfect for the emotional tone of the second chapter of the film and the lyrics couldn't have been better suited to the piece - I'm just going to stand by your side, I'm just going to hold your hand tight - it's exactly what Old Skool is about and it couldn't have been any more perfect for the end of the their film.

Music licensed at
Drew Barefoot - Enjoy the Calm
Kelli Schaefer - Song For A Friend

/////////////////// more on Share

Share started because we wanted to give back. after our first film, we feel like we have taken much more than we gave, and for that we have to thank everybody at Old Skool. if you enjoy the film and want to support Old Skool, please share their film and come visit their restaurant. if you have ideas or want to help our with our next Share film, please email is at


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank you, Mom (video)

Thank You Mom from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

I sent this to a couple of dear friends and to my sister. They loved it. I thought I should share it with everyone. Happy Mom's Day. I miss my mom, and I am very thankful that I had her with me! Thank you, Mom! I love you and always will! I will share one story that I always think of on Mother’s Day. My mom and I used to go to a little outdoor restaurant for breakfast every year called The Presidio. It is no longer there, but we both loved it. They served Mimosas with quiche or eggs and the best homemade banana bread on earth. I think that we enjoyed the mimosas more than anything else. Just before the meal was served, I would always get up and tell her that I had to go to the ladies’ room. She would nod and then I would run down to the corner and buy a big bouquet of roses for her and run back. For some reason, every year, she would forget that that was my habit and be surprised. Or maybe she would pretend to be surprised because that was how much she loved me. We would always laugh, hug and then enjoy our breakfast and of course our mimosas! Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

linked with recuerda mi corazon postcards from paradise

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Bounce Bounce" : beautiful animation and music

A stop-motion animation for Hilary Hahn and Hauschka's song "Bounce Bounce" from their album Silfra.

Delightful to watch. You can't help but smile the entire time. Enjoy! ~ Noelle

Also, check out this amazing film about my process directed by Danny Gregory and Tommy Kane