The Reverse Graffiti Project

This post features the beautiful film below about a graffiti artist who is environmentally- minded. Rather than creating urban art using spray paint and other bolder materials, he uses templates and creates his designs under bridges and on public walls by cleaning. He makes others aware of how dirty the world has become and he also beautifies the space. While I think his work is admirable, I also want to give praise to graffiti artists, many of whom are very political. In many countries, graffiti is the only form of uncensored self-expression. In the U.S., I believe it is a form of freedom for young people who feel restricted or repressed in other ways.

by Mary Guckian

Young people meander

in dark streets, in

night hours and brighten

the walls of buildings

with rich colours

from spray cans.

Since the beginning

of time, dark caves

have given us drawings

of animals, and today

the hunting spirits

confined to concrete jungles,

are releasing energy

through design and

vibrant images

brightening our inner cities.

Energetic decoration

on plain doors, on

gable walls, on warehouses

on the city docks, give

structure to the night life

of Tomo and Gismo.

Mary Guckian
Copyright © 2004


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