Haiku My Heart: Summer Colors

zawilce kopiaSummer colors © Magdalena Wasiczek  with kind permission


Pink summer petals

Burst through Purple berry buds

Cobwebs, fairy-spun

~Noelle Renee 8/11/11


Enjoy the lovely voice of Songbird Eva Cassidy: Fields of Gold ~We will always remember her beautiful gifts.

Eva Cassidy ~ Fields of Gold (Rest in Peace Eva)


About the Photographer:

Magdalena Wasiczek hails from Trzebinia, Poland.

You may find this and more of her phenomenally beautiful photos on 1x.com and at her personal website


For more wonderful Haikus from the Heart, visit rebecca’s blog at recuerda mi corazon. It is an experience you will not soon forget.


  1. fairy spun....so lovely and dream like  noelle.  your photograph so stunningly beautiful, your haiku a marriage of vision and delight.
    thank you for your place in my heart. i look forward to each new week and another sip of nectar at the angels wear fins.

  2. Your words in the Haiku Noelle have woven a delicate magical web of soft silken fabric!! Stunning Haiku accompanied by a gorgeous picture. The combination is simply breathtaking!! 

    Summer pink and blue
    Gossamer wings, pixies slideMagic with gold dust 

    My Haiku attempt with your inspiration today!!

  3. Noelle, I can almost taste the summer you describe! Marvellous photo too! =)

  4. My favorite "station" on Pandora is Eva Cassidy. Her voice makes me want to cry, though. Your haiku and the photo are gorgeous, as always.

  5. Oh yes, I can feel it,  the season's approaching, misty mornings revealing works of tiny creatures, vibrant sunshine casting those low shadows.......

    Your words and chosen image are awakening something in me, lovely,

    Sue x

  6. Not only do your words paint a picture but the picture itself is exquisite!!!!  Magical!  Thank you!  Cathy

  7. Wow! The image with the web and your haiku are wonderful. Definitely magic.

  8. I love coming here. I see that Selkie looking at me when the page opens. I know her. Summer is in full swing, even waning perhaps. All the goods are there, the flowers, the berries, leaves, greenery, all at the height of glory. You captured that with your beautiful words. A peaceful description of the magical photograph. Very nice all around.

  9. I love the magical haiku and the photo. I can see fairies dancing on the mos under the flowers by the light of the moon.

  10. Lovely summer poem.Beautiful words

  11. Cheryl's Excellent AdventureAugust 12, 2011 at 10:50 AM

    Your haiku is perfect for the painting.

  12. it's all so melancholy and very beautiful...

  13. Thank you for the lovely vignette here today, Noelle. Beautiful.
    Happy Friday !

  14. i am glad i stopped by... absolutely love your new header... whimsical play lightens the load.... the colors are so vibrant as if one could reach out and touch.... eva cassidy LOVE HER!!!! heaven must be a wonderful place where her music plays... i think i've played her cd so many times can one wear out a cd??!!

  15.  BEAUTY. I love what this poem does to my tongue.


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