The Flower of Love

My Warrior by Andre du PlessisMy Warrior © Andre du Plessis


A Conceit

Give me your hand
Make room for me
to lead and follow
beyond this rage of poetry.

Let others have
the privacy of
touching words
and love of loss
of love.

For me
Give me your hand.

~Maya Angelou

The Joy of a French Love Song sung by Beninoise singer-songwriter, Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo

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About The Photographer:

Andre du Plessis

Andre du Plessis hails originally from central South Africa and currently resides in the U.K.  (London) where he works in private practice as a Physician with a unique Anesthesiology Specialty. His great love for photography began when he was a young boy of five, and has remained with him steadily since. The great motivator for his photographic adventures is never knowing where they will lead him.  When asked about the spontaneity of his “Street Shoots”  with regard to his South African series he responded in this way:

“In general, my subjects are people I do not know; in essence they are strangers to me at first. My objective is that the images I take of these people become something that transcends this void, and perhaps bridges any distance between us.  When I look at these photos afterwards, although these people might be strangers, I want the photo to express that I feel a kinship, an understanding, and that respect for one another is tangible. In my South African series, very few of my subjects are wealthy; they do not have the goodies that you or I might have.  However, I want the person in front of the lens to be captured in the wholesomeness of who they feel they are. Their environment is captured merely as an addition to complete the canvas.”

~Taken from Andre du Plessis’s Bio. with permission.


  1. Every word that Maya Angelou utters has so much depth and is so divine with simple truths beautifully told!!  Gives me great pleasure to read her!! Thank you Noelle for this wonderful verse that you have shared!! As regards your Indaba link I'm sure to do the needful today!! 
    Happy day!!

  2. Noelle, I am speechless right now. This is so beautiful. My heart is bursting wide open with love and JOY. I continue to be wrapped up in the arms of love with my friends here. You have my hand in friendship. ...and by the way...I love your new blog banner! so beautiful

  3. A great. semsitive image in all the aspects. The composition is great as well as the BW but what care the most is the great feeling, the human touch that the image brings. Those eyes and the expressions are simply a poem.

  4. Beautiful image...and thank you for starting my morning with the soulful song.

  5. Thank you Walter. I think so too. I will pass your lovely words on to Andre or you can yourself on :). I think that it was one of his most beautiful because it shows such relationship between these two people. I agree. The image and composition are flawless also.

  6. lovely!
    french music is heaven to my ears

  7. the eyes of love say everything.

  8. An old friend of mine has those exact eyes and expression, she loved her man so completely.  He was a special friend of mine, died a few years back, his love shone through his eyes too.  A very spiritual man, one day I hope to see my friends again!

    Sue x

  9. I am certain you will, Sue dear. Sometimes I see the eyes and expression of people I have lost in others as well. I always think that they are still with me in some way when that happens.
    Noelle x


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