Haiku My Heart: Journeying God

Women and children waiting to enter Dadaab camp
Journeying God
Journeying god,
pitch your tent with mine
so that I may not become deterred
by hardship, strangeness, doubt.
Show me the movement I must make
toward a wealth not dependent on possessions,
toward a wisdom not based on books,
toward a strength not bolstered by might,
toward a god not confined to heaven.
Help me to find myself as I walk in other's shoes.
(Prayer song from Ghana, traditional, translator unknown)
journeying God
May Our Hearts be Full
Like the Sovereign Moon who Shines
On a Weary Face.
~Noelle Renee
You may read more about the good work of Unicef Here.
The short film you are about to see offers a quick, easy, and painless way to give money to this cause. It is supported by almost all mobile phone carriers.
Peace and Light,
Noelle Renee
For other avenues of giving in this time of unprecedented crisis, please click Here
Here is More In depth information about the crisis in Somalia and the Good Work that Unicef is doing there currently.
For More Ways to Donate to this Fine Organization that has been working to save the lives of children since 1946 Click Here
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  1. Arduous work being done in such a vigorous and committed manner by UNICEF, which is so reliable and useful, ever present in times of crisis, distress, disasters and calamities besides other social and community level issues!! The largest UN organisation in our country is UNICEF and it has been working in India since 1949. Celebrities, media and innumerable nameless volunteers help  publicize children's issues besides many others, from India and around the globe, to raise funds for UNICEF-supported programs, all through the year!! Though a vast majority fall below the poverty line here, yet they reach out from their meager resources!! Thank you Noelle for the awareness posts that you have been posting here and all for a great cause!! The responses however big or small would mean a lot for an organization which is involved in yeoman's service  to mankind!! 
    Diwali is around the corner and a simple life with a prayer for the suffering and personal austerity measures would be the norm this year. I always look out for UNICEF cards and stationary to send my friends and relatives here, to spread awareness with a message!! 

    Much Love 

  2. Magical Mystical TeacherAugust 20, 2011 at 5:38 AM

    I accept the gift of a full heart...

  3. "Journeying god,pitch your tent with mineso that I may not become deterredby hardship, strangeness, doubt."
    thank you for this, noelle... and for your faithfulness in bringing our attention to the need in africa...

  4. Thank you Leslie. I know that you are always faithful and your heart is open. I have added another film from Unicef on what is currently happening there. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Bless you Nanka for all of this information, so personal and deeply meaningful. I am so grateful to you for your compassionate spirit and your loving heart. I too will look for UNICEF cards. I was happy to find such an easy way for people to give even a small amount. I have added a film of what is currently happening in Mogadishu if you would like to see.
    Much Love,

  6. again yours is the heart always willing to shine a brightness into the struggles and anguish of others.
    to be compassionate, is to live in a compassionate world.
    thank you noelle...your passion for protection and support for all is eternal.

  7. So beautiful, I feel blessed just reading these prayer words.


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