Father's Day: The Glass and The Bowl by Louise Erdrich

A Father's LoveA Father’s Love posted by Kev on Pixdaus.com
The Glass and the Bowl
The father pours the milk from his glass
into the cup of the child,
and as the child drinks
the whiteness, opening
her throat to the good taste
eagerly, the father is filled.
He closes the refrigerator
on its light, he walks out
under the bowl of frozen darkness
and nothing seems withheld from him.
Overhead, the burst ropes of stars,
the buckets of craters,
the chaos of heaven, absence
of refuge in the design.
Yet down here, his daughter
in her quilts, under patterns
of diamonds and novas,
full of rich milk,

Happy Father's Day Everyone. Love and Joy to all on this day.
~Noelle Renee

Paul Simon Father and Daughter with a Film from Mindwalker Studios


  1. That is ecstatically beautiful -- all of it. I had no idea that Erdrich writes poetry as well as fiction. Thank you for posting this --

  2. Yes, she has several books of poetry as well. I used to teach her novels when I taught English years ago. I love her work. I am glad it resonated with you Elizabeth.

  3. The step by step motion of tenderness and care given and received is magical here. The step into night and the glowing simplicity of the night sky -ecstatic.

  4. That's so sweet:)

  5. thank you for reposting this noelle. i could read this every morning and know it will satisfy me in the inexplicable forever love of father to daughter.

  6. Magical Mystical TeacherJune 19, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    Who does not need milk?
    Who does not need stars, straining at their ropes?
    Who does not need a father to tuck her in at night?


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