Fresh: A photographer’s view of Istanbul


dove hotel room window Zoriah© zoriah/

My friend the dove who sits outside my hotel room window. (Zoriah)

To move
Needing to be
Nowhere else.


cats outside a butcher shop Istanbul Zoriah© zoriah/

Street cats having dinner outside of a butcher shop on one of Istanbul's many hilly streets.

Wanting nothing
From any store.


child with ball apartment window Istanbul Zoriah© zoriah/

A young girl plays catch from her window with friends on the street

To lift something
You already had
And set it down in
A new place.


apartment building entrance Istanbul Zoriahzoriah/

Entrance to an apartment House in Instanbul

Awakened eye
Seeing freshly.


A View from the roof of the four seasons hotel Istanbul zoriah© zoriah/

A view from the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel (Istanbul) [sky cropped at top to fit blog]

What does that do to
The old blood moving through
Its channels?

~ Naomi Shihab Nye ~



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