Haiku My Heart: A Bird Told Me

The PassageThe Passage © 2011 Karen Waters

Exposing Her heart

Wings blown back, courageous flight

For Love, Nest, and Home.

~Noelle Renee  1/6/12

Sentry's TowerSentry’s Tower © 2011 Karen Waters

Sacred Winged Watcher

Holding All Our Hopes and Fears

Perched on Heaven’s Edge

~Noelle Renee 1/6/12


Belladonna ©2011 Karen Waters

Beautiful Lady

With Power to wound or heal

Eyes grow large with hope

~Noelle Renee 1/6/12

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler ©2011 Karen Waters

Warbler sings sunlight,

Yellow Joy and Red surprise,

Our New Year’s, Bright Faith.

~Noelle Renee 1/6/12


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About the Photographer

Karen Waters

Artist Statement

What do I find so interesting about photographing things like concrete, tree bark or scratched metal? Texture.  Plain and simple...I love texture!  Layering these types of images over traditional photographs creates depth and emotion, which brings them to life and tells their story in a more meaningful way.

I refer to my work as Photographic Art because it reaches beyond traditional photography and allows me more creativity to convey a true 'beingness' that the lens alone doesn't often capture.  Through these images, I hope to remind the viewer that we are part of a wonderful world full of magnificence.

I am a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists and show my work with the group most weekends, just off the Santa Fe Plaza from the end of April through mid-October. If you're ever in Santa Fe, stop by and say hello!


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