Share the Joy Thursday: You Complete Me

drawingDrawing ~ Post by Trinity

Each and Every day

You have the Chance to Create

A More Complete Self

~ Noelle Renee

~On Her Birthday, December 30, 2010~

For me, this is a  joyful thing to remember on this day in particular.


Eva Cassidy “True Colors”

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  1. I was hoping not to miss the day Noelle!! because going by your name I knew it was coming any day now.

    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday and may God's choicest blessings shower upon you!!

    Lots of love and hugs and muwahs!!

    Nanka :)

  2. Happy birthday, Noelle! I am so glad that we've met --

  3. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I am very glad too!

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes Nanka my friend! Love, Hugs and Muwahs right back at you my dear! You made my day! Thank you!

  5. Dearest Noelle,

    Sorry to have missed your birthday, but I am now sending you great big HUGS & KISSES across the ocean, did you catch them?

    Love Sue x

  6. Thank you, Sue Dear. I caught them. I appreciate the love and send it right back to you!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!!! And many, many, happy returns of the day, dear Noelle...


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