Haiku My Heart: "Abrazo"/ Photo by Michael Ioanidi

Abrazo by Mikhail Ioanidi

 A Cold Rush of Wind
Invites the Warmth of Embrace
My Gift to Myself.
--Noelle Renee

     I remember, as a child, spending a lot of time alone. I was often shy and took great pleasure in reading and in writing poetry. It was difficult for other children to understand. At the age of ten, I wrote a poem about a brown and white spotted cow named Bessie and submitted it to a section for children's poetry in a local newspaper called The Pasadena Star News. It won first prize of $25.00. It was a huge achievement for a ten-year-old; one can only imagine. Even now I have not forgotten what pride I took in seeing my poem about dear Bessie in the newspaper. When I see the photo of this beautiful child with her arms about herself, with such open joy in her face, I think of the little gifts, like this,that we can offer ourselves: a memory of one great day that somehow encompasses much of who we are and evokes that of which we are truly capable. 
     Billie Holiday (née Eleanora Gough McKay) had a very difficult life and her phenomenal talent and legendary recordings remind me of the inner strength and profound beauty of the human spirit. I give you Eleanora Gough McKay, the indomitable "Lady Day" singing "Embraceable You." Give yourself a hug. 

–Noelle Renee (all rights to Haiku reserved by author).

Ioanidi photo from klimtbalan.blogspot.com
Lady Day (Billie Holiday) Embraceable You 


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