Happy Life (film)

HAPPY life from mojebory on Vimeo.

A short film about life... about human beings.
Location: Europe
I am very excited If I have chance to capture 'ordinary' people in their natural environment
They just inspire me and moves... I see a harmony in ordinary activities - joy and sadness at the same time. Everything around us is magical. When I take pictures or shots I look at the world through the eyes of a child ... everything seems so interesting and unusual ! I'm 'hungry', I want to grab everything !
In this way I gathered shots and took some pictures over 5 years.
Now I have quite huge library of footage with people, places, nature, animals etc.

The film is directed only at the stage of editing !
No man in this movie wasn't forced to do anything.
There is no acting,
no dubels,
no studio lights,
only one camera (5D MKII),
no sponsors :D,
unrestricted creativity,
completely without crew - just one person - me ;)

Beautiful Music: Max Richter & Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth
voice over: Dalai Lama
Sound FX: mojebory

Directed: mojebory
Edited: mojebory
Shot: mojebory
Color grading: mojebory

ten sam Film z polskimi napisami [captions]

Used Canon 5D MK II, couple of lenses and some other stuff


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