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Selkie Girl by Jessica Shirley with kind permission
All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Starting With Little Things

Warm in His Coat by Thomas Hawk 2012Warm in His Coat ©Thomas Hawk (some rights reserved)*
Starting with Little Things

Love the earth like a mole,
fur-near. Nearsighted,
hold close the clods,
their fine-print headlines.
Pat them with soft hands --

Like spades, but pink and loving; they
break rock, nudge giants aside,
affable plow.
Fields are to touch;
each day nuzzle your way.

Tomorrow the world.
~ William Stafford ~

(The Way It Is)

*My personal thanks to Thomas Hawk for this  deeply soulful image

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peaceful Day (film)

Peaceful Day from Armin Mitt on Vimeo.

I made a short walking trip in my home forest and experimented focusing with Magic Lantern.
Camera: 5D Mark 2
Lens: Canon Macro 100mm f2.8
Music: Sambodhi Prem - Trusting the Universe