Obsculta [Listen] (film)





Abide in Silence,

Like a musical embrace,

Out of Silence—Love

~Noelle Renee

David Ianni - Obsculta [Listen] from Vitùc on Vimeo.

“Obsculta, o fili, præcepta magistri, et inclina aurem cordis tui…
Listen carefully, my son, to your master's precepts, and incline the ear of your heart…”

The opening words from the rule of St. Benedict († 547) have inspired the Luxembourgish composer/pianist David Ianni to write a piece about the nature of silence. All music emerges from silence and leads back into silence. Only by listening with our hearts, can the essence of silence be heard and understood. The composing process naturally led to a quotation of the ancient Gregorian Chant “Ubi Caritas” (“where charity and love are, God is there”), a Chant that David already recorded with his friends, the Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz (Austria) in 2011.

When David met the filmmaker Vitùc in late 2011, he knew that Vitùc had exactly the sensitivity, the passion and the skills to transpose the message of his music into visuals. In May of 2012, Vitùc and David visited the Abbey of Heiligenkreuz for a week. Inspired by the music, the beauty of the monastery and the friendliness of the monks, Vitùc composed a wonderful music clip that reveals some of the unutterable nature of silence and listening - the genesis of all true art.

Script, Camera & Post Production

Music composed and performed by
David Ianni

Recorded, edited and mixed by
Rainer Oleak

Linked to Recuerda mi Corazon Haiku My Heart

Note from Noelle: This is a film filled with sacred music and images that heal the soul and open the heart in places where before an entrance may have been temporarily closed. The use of silence, of shadow and light, of ancient meditative spaces and moments of chant and adoration are profoundly moving. One is taken on a journey toward a different state of consciousness on a crescendo of masterful musical notes. The photography is splendid throughout.


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