Thank you, Mom (video)

Thank You Mom from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

I sent this to a couple of dear friends and to my sister. They loved it. I thought I should share it with everyone. Happy Mom's Day. I miss my mom, and I am very thankful that I had her with me! Thank you, Mom! I love you and always will! I will share one story that I always think of on Mother’s Day. My mom and I used to go to a little outdoor restaurant for breakfast every year called The Presidio. It is no longer there, but we both loved it. They served Mimosas with quiche or eggs and the best homemade banana bread on earth. I think that we enjoyed the mimosas more than anything else. Just before the meal was served, I would always get up and tell her that I had to go to the ladies’ room. She would nod and then I would run down to the corner and buy a big bouquet of roses for her and run back. For some reason, every year, she would forget that that was my habit and be surprised. Or maybe she would pretend to be surprised because that was how much she loved me. We would always laugh, hug and then enjoy our breakfast and of course our mimosas! Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

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