Lights of Scotland

By the time I was a student, I spent more than a year in Scotland. 6 years later, I decided to come back for few days. There are no words to justify the beauty of this country. There are no words to explain how amazed and touched I was to see again these places.

This video is dedicated to all the people I met over there. Friends.

This first GH2 movie is also dedicated to Emeric ( for his precious help and advices on the GH2 and patches but also to Jean-Baptiste Lefournier ( who played a major role in convincing me to buy one through his stunning videos.

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Full story (in french) + pictures :

Soundtrack : Hans Zimmer - Time
Lumix GH2 (‪Driftwood Quantum X Orion v4b‬)
5D Mark II (Timelapses + 1/2 low lights shots)
14-42mm + 24/70 L f/2.8
NO tripod (forgotten in France)
Zoom H4N

I just thought that this little film was so beautiful and genuine in every way that I had to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it.



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