The Real Kite Runners

A viewfinder from Afghanistan. Producers/Photographers/Editors:
Jonathan Saruk and Benoit Faiveley

After having read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini some years ago, I found this little documentary film of kite flying in Afghanistan very engaging. Each morning on NPR, I am overwhelmed with news about Afghani soldiers turning weaponry on Americans who are trying to "help" the Afghans transition after this 10 year war in which America has been involved. We invaded in 2002 as you may recall. However, I do not remember hearing about "Kite Wars" in the sky or kite makers. I don't recall hearing about wonderful fathers who take their beautiful children up on a hill above the town or city to fly those kites, and I don't recall hearing about how the tradition has been carried on despite the Taliban's order to stop it because the purchase of kites was an "extra expense. My heart was opened by the humanity I saw in the faces of these people--these fathers and these children.  Blessings on all of them. Salam.


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