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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haiku My Heart: May The Spiral Be Broader

_IMGP5574-V2B-30x30A New African Generation 2 © 2011 Walter Scappini
Forever Oneness
_IMGP5230-BB© 2011 Walter Scappini
Who Sings to Us
_IMGP5160-V3-VGNFor a moment© 2011 Walter Scappini
In Silence
Who Teaches Us Through Each Other.
_IMGP4155-SQR-V3© 2011 Walter Scappini
Guide My Steps With Strength and Wisdom
_IMGP4225-BBY-V2 (1)
May I See the Lessons as I Walk
Honor the Purpose of All Things
_IMGP4196-BBY-V2-SQR© 2011 Walter Scappini
Help Me Touch With Respect
Always Speak from Behind My Eyes
_IMGP5192-V2-CRP2© 2011 Walter Scappini
Let Me Observe, Not Judge
May I Cause No Harm
And Leave Music_IMGP5133-V2-SQR© 2011 Walter Scappini
And Beauty After My Visit
When I Return to Forever,
~May the Circle Be Closed~
Walter and childrenValter and friends in Tanzania © Nicolino Sapio
And the Spiral Be Broader
~Bee Lake~
an aboriginal poet
Tanzanian Haiku
Beauty and Raw Truth
a world of vibrant colors
exploding in fire.
~Haiku taken from Gabi Greve 2009 with some changes thanks to Noelle And Deb Taylor (thanks Deb).
Once there was a man called Edward S. Tingatinga. He was born in the Namochelia village in Tunduru district in the South Tanzania.  During the 1960s he established an art form that became associated with Tanzania.
Today, "Tingatinga" is the Tanzanian term for this form of art, known most intimately in Tanzania, Kenya, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland etc.
The Photographer: Valter Scappini
Valter Scappini (aka Walter) hails from Rome, Italy and has traveled to Arusha, Tanzania with a fellow photographer friend, Nicolino Sapio, on a picture shooting pilgrimage to benefit
In The Photographer’s Own Words ~
The children you see in these pictures look good because
they are helped by the support program of This is the story and, believe me, it has been incredible to me to see how easy it is to give a child a respectable life with a small contribution: I spend 26 Euros per month ~$38 USD ~ (less than 1E per day, in effect the cost of an espresso). This money is enough to take a child (if the parents agree) and bring a young person into the sponsorship program. The program offers him or her a basic education, (not only school or training for work, but also health care and those things taken for granted in our culture but still so significant for them) , clothes and vaccinations.   So Valter, not exactly a religious guy, often disenchanted by people, experienced how these children could really have a chance, and hope for the future.’s program  offered no generic words, and no beautiful images like those advertisements we see on the TV. No, It was a small school with poor material, but a school.  There were uniforms for the students. Many times the  uniforms were ripped but they had them. So what we have seen is not real, harsh poverty, but what a simple, basic, modest support (1 Euro a day in my case) can do. And this is something gorgeous. I do not think I will ever meet any of those children that I support, but I know that maybe they will have a decent life in their country, and this will improve things for the entire country.  You know, it is always a matter of a critical mass. If you reach the critical mass, all things start moving by themselves in that direction. The path is incredibly far yet, but like a philosopher said: "each long path starts with a small step".
~Valter Scappini
You Can Make The Spiral Broader ~
If you would like to be a part of what Valter and Nicolino are doing, you too can sponsor a child for only $38 US dollars a month. offers programs like this for children in 26 countries where poverty and lack of resources make life more than challenging and often hopeless for young minds and bodies struggling to survive. Clicking on these links listed here, or the Picture link below will lead you to the website where you can sponsor a child and receive regular updates and letters on that child’s welfare, or make a one time donation. Either way, “the spiral will be broader.”
If you decide to Sponsor a child or give a donation, please add to Valter and Nicolino’s blessings by returning to this blog and letting us know either by response or email to me personally that you sponsored a child or gave to this worthy program. Thank you so much!
~Blessings and Peace,
Noelle Renee

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Postcards From Paradise: Dressed By Light

Dressed By LightDressed By Light © 2011 Art Lionse

Seeing, in Three Pieces

Somehow we must see
through the shimmering cloth
of daily life, its painted,
evasive facings of what to eat,
to wear? Which work
matters? Is a bird more
or less than a man?


There have been people
who helped the world. Named
or not named. They weren't interested
in what might matter,
doubled over as they were
with compassion. Laden
branches, bright rivers.


When a bulb burns out
we just change it--
it's not the bulb we love;
it's the light.

~ Kate Knapp ~

(Wind Somewhere and Shade)

  About the Photographer:

Art Lionse hails from the South of France. You may find more of his breathtaking flowerwork on and

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Postcards from Paradise: Chewing Buddha


Chewing Buddha ©2011 Dragomir Vukovich

From the solemn gloom of the temple children run out to sit in the dust, God watches them play and forgets the priest.
Rabindranath Tagore

Smile On Little Buddha
life is suffering
tee-hee, ha-ha
life is suffering
tee-hee, ha-ha
cold and shuddering
tee-hee, ha-ha
cruel and pummeling
tee-hee, ha-ha
smile on little buddha, smile on
little buddha, smile on
it's only illusion then it's gone
lost and struggling
tee-hee, ha-ha
life is suffering
tee-hee, ha-ha
smile on little buddha, smile on
little buddha, smile on
it's only illusion then you're gone

~Toad the Wet Sprocket

Story of the image from the photographer:

Up in the Himalayas there is an old Tibetan Monastery(founded in the early 17th century) - HEMIS Gompa (45 km from Leh-Ladakh-India). There is a famous annual Hemis festival held on the 9th to 11th days of the 5th Tibetan month.

And they were there, the young Tibetan monks..., the one in the middle was looking up all the way to the right and as he was moving his head towards where I was, what a surprise, what a moment, one bubble one click !!!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Story of Zero

The story of Zero

The Story:  Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something.

Zero is a 12'32 stop motion animation written and directed by Christopher Kezelos and produced by Christine Kezelos. The film comes out of Australia and has received a number of awards for animation.

Noelle’s Review of the film:

This is truly one of the best short animation films that I have seen to date. This film has such depth. The filmmaker has created a whole culture within the film and immersed us in it. We follow the story of Zero and see in his marginalization all the ugliness of our various histories. But we are also offered hope and the affirmation that our thoughts, actions and reactions create our world. I won’t say more.  Such a beautiful story and so completely well done. Lovely in every way!

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Postcards from Paradise: In That World The Angels Wear Fins (Blog Anniversary Post 1 Year)


In That World, The Angels Wear Fins

In that world, the angels wear fins.

Red hulls pass over like clouds, their shadows

angling down between ropes of sun.

When women who have dived there return,

they do not speak of oysters or pearls.

Shaking their heads they say, "There is nothing."

They say, "We must look somewhere else,"

and twist their black hair in the world of men,

and wade heavily through the grass-scented air.

From this they know loss like salt:

how without it, the tongue grows stubborn and dull,

tastes nothing.

But the wild flavor, the sea, how it moves in them,

hip and thigh--a soundless current, kicking

downward the rest of their lives.

--Jane Hirschfield

(Of Gravity & Angels)

My very First Post with a video added and a new picture.

Today is my Blog's first Birthday! I published this post on 7/10/10 and today is 7/10/11.  Thank you to all those who have been following or popping in for a visit!

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