Metamorphoses Project Part IV~ Luca Renoldi

©2011 Luca Renoldi

A certain day became a presence to me;

©2011 Luca Renoldi

there it was, confronting me -- a sky, air, light:
a being.

©2011 Luca Renoldi

And before it started to descend
from the height of noon, it leaned over

©2011 Luca Renoldi

and struck my shoulder as if with
the flat of a sword,

©2011 Luca Renoldi

granting me
honor and a task

©2011 Luca Renoldi

The day's blow
rang out, metallic -- or it was I, a bell awakened

©2011 Luca Renoldi

and what I heard was my whole self

©2011 Luca Renoldi

saying and singing what it knew: I can.

~ Denise Levertov ~

(Not part of the metamorphoses project)

Tree nymph arabesque
Capturing light on green leaves
~ Breathtaking, your dance.

©2006 Joseph* ~ OneLight*®

The Project
What this project aims to offer the viewer is the opportunity to see reality with new eyes, eyes  that "distort" what he sees, in an attempt to reveal what lies behind appearance, so that his altered state of mind may predispose him to look at metamorphosis. Through the game of decomposition and the multiplication of points of view, it highlights not only the availability of the mind to deformation, but also the lack of an absolute truth, (how this can prevail), to offset one’s own unique perspective: This is an important finding for understanding the meaning of the project (following the intent of Apuleius). The philosophical theme that accompanies the whole project is that of an eternal universe as a place of transformation, where "mutantur omnia, nihil interit" ie "nothing perishes but everything is transformed.

The Photographer

Luca Renoldi was born in Milan in 1958 and lives close to Monza, Not far from His beloved Milan. Due to His indomitable vitality and will to discover new horizons, he is often described as a twenty-year-old with thirty years of experience! For all his passions he dedicates 100% of his effort and vitality. Lover of football, a fan of FC Internazionale Milano, he is an active participant of the Inter Club Muratidentro supporters club. He has forever loved photographic art  taking pictures of whatever he finds interesting, nothing precluded,  fitting his perspectives to the mounted optics, rarely constructing his own photos, leaving the images as real as his eyes have captured. As  manager in a company that produces industrial laundry machines, he travels all around the world right along with his trustworthy Nikon. During his frequent travels, he always finds the time to dedicate himself to photography, which effectively combines with fractals or sometimes various experimental techniques.

Note on the Series

This is the Fourth installment of a series of photographs that make up this wonderful project. My thanks to Luca Renoldi for allowing me to post his phenomenal work on The Angels Wear Fins.

These photographs were posted with the photographer’s permission. All Rights are Reserved ©. Thank you.

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  1. It is amazing how the tree grows to form such a perfect decorative design!! Perfect position and a perfect stance!! Together with the foliage it forms that complete spirit of nature!! Marvelous Haiku accompanying the image Noelle!! 
    Hope you are having a good time!!

  2. positively gorgeous photos and poem -  lovely as always!

  3. Recuerda_mi_corazonOctober 8, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    oh noelle...
    this last photograph with your perfect haiku is stunning! this is the stuff dreams are made of. in fact i once had a dream where i slowly in the warm sun turned into a fig tree. limb by feet suddenly extending through the earth into deep strong roots. my arms upward reaching leafing out....and the figs, the abundant perfect ripening figs....
    you have brought my dream to life again.

    (i once wrote about this on gemma's blog...her picture some how startled this dream back to light and she painted the most wonderful painting of a woman becoming a fig tree!)

    oh the magic of trees and the gracious budding out of loving friends!

  4. Thank you rebecca. I like the tree as well. It was actually an afterthought  and the haiku as well. The Metamorphoses project is what I was focusing on but I am glad that everyone liked it. It does add something to the whole certainly and I love the story of your dream :). It sounds like something out of a Shakespeare play, just lovely. Trees are magical.

  5. life is truly a dance and we should be in movement with that life with that dance... ok, i admit it... i read it twice... the first time mezmerized by the presence of photos with words softly shouting back.... a lot to take in and absorb to a understanding one could take with "me" once i leave... and so happy i did read it twice!!... trees are heaven on earth is what i think... never met a tree i didn't like...  it is beautiful thank you noelle... life is an art of many dimensions we sometimes miss...  

  6. Ms pie,
    Thank you for your lovely depth of insight, your ever present sensitivity to art, to beauty, to nature, and to the underlying message of it all. Noelle

  7. oh my

    you do know i have been bee~busy over here
    saving live oak trees...

    tomorrow i will go look at them
    ~~a new~~ 

    really LOOK at them
    with eyes

    {{ thank you, dear*one }}

  8. You are welcome, Bonnie :)

  9. Amazing photos. I would never look for or find this kind of culture of it wasn't for your hard work to post them. Thanks for that. What thrilled me the most was the suggested, "You might also like..." posts that are at the bottom of your page. That one abpout the Selkie myth was there. I went to it again and watched. I am fascinated every time. I think you put that there so I would come here. Sent out some mental vibe that it she was here. You did, didn't you?
    A great service you do with these photo graphic and poetry journals you post. Thank you.

    Peace, Love and Hugs

  10. Hi Joe,
    So glad you enjoyed these and I appreciate your acknowledgment truly. This project has been one of my delights. Interestingly the tree won more attention in this one, I guess because a haiku was attached. Yes the "you might also likes" are for you: )
    Peace, love and hugs,


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