Oh You Beautiful Doll!

  from Just Imagine Dolls  (so real you would swear she wasn’t a doll !) . 
Katja (Caucasian)  21.5" tall, LE 120
She has red blond human hair, and mouth blown grey blue glass eyes body.  Full vinyl body, with joints in the neck, shoulders, waist, thighs.  Katja is wearing a sleeveless light pink cotton dress with rose print. Attached cotton underskirt with a tulle flounce. Short sleeved white linen vest with a green white checkered trim a little flounce and silk lace rose embroidery.  White leather shoes with a pink trim and a leather flower application and topped off with a  white felt hat with a green trim with a flower application.

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Alma ~ this is so worth watching in full screen. One of the best animations I have seen in some time.
[ Full Screen recommended ]
Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas

This is not my usual, but the animation was so wonderful, I had to share it.


  1. Okay.  I agree.  Animation was enchanting but this is just plain creepy.  LOLOL

  2. Oh!  And p.s.  Love the beautiful doll.  I'll have to go to that website now.

  3. I know, it is creepy but it is cute horror if there is such a thing. Don't go to the website, whatever you do Anne!!
    Noelle x

  4. i found this creepy too. yet the animation was incredible! there are several gifted doll makers in the shrine gallery this year. i promise, no matter how many times you come visiting,  gallery to open tomorrow, no one will go missing!!!

    interesting too that the name alma, means soul.

  5. Oh you did see it! Yes, I know it does and at first I thought it was going
    to be a very spiritual film. Silly me! I liked it though because it was

  6. You know, all the time I was watching this, I was hearing "Creepy Doll" by Jonathan Coulton running thorough my head.  Now that I've seen the whole thing, I see why! 

  7. Yup! Pretty fun creepy though wasn't it. Great animation!


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