Haiku My Heart: The Silent Evolution of An Underwater Exhibition : Jason Decaires Taylor


Below the Surface

Of the Sea, Art like Life is

Eternally Changed.

~Noelle Renee 2011


The Silent Evolution by Jason Decaires Taylor www.underwatersculpture.com/index.asp

These sculptures are not so much New Wave art as Under Wave as they have been placed 25m (82ft) down on the seabed.

Artist Jason Decaires Taylor combined his talent for sculpting with his passion for diving to create the plaster and wire framed works with galvanised steel shells, on the Caribbean seabed off Grenada.

'The sculptures will be an ever changing exhibition as nature colonizes the surface and the sea and tidal movement shapes the texture,' said Mr Taylor, 33, who studied art at Camberwell College in London.

'Each one reveals some of the history of Grenada,' he added. 'It creates a whole new perspective on the world.

'Objects appear 25 per cent larger and closer, and colours are changed as light is absorbed differently by the water.'

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/53773-artist-going-through-a-deep-blue-period#ixzz1BeaamDTU

Underwater Sculptures and Statues by Jason deCaires Taylor

Latest Marine Development of Underwater Sculptures and Statues by Jason Decaires Taylor

Grenada is now home to a unique exhibition - the Caribbean's first sculpture gallery located entirely under the sea.

The gallery is the brainchild of British-born sculpture, Jason Decaires Taylor.

He took over a year to create the underwater "park". But why put some of your best displays under the sea?


Mexico to Debut the World’s Largest Underwater Museum with Installations by Jason Decaires Taylor

Artist : Biography

Jason deCaires Taylor is a man of many identities whose work resonates with the influences of his eclectic life. Growing up in Europe and Asia with his English father and Guyanese mother nurtured his passion for exploration and discovery. Much of his childhood was spent on the coral reefs of Malaysia where he developed a profound love of the sea and a fascination with the natural world. This would later lead him to spend several years working as a scuba diving instructor in various parts of the globe, developing a strong interest in conservation, underwater naturalism and photography. His bond with the sea remains a constant throughout Taylor's life though other key influences are found far from the oceans. During his teenage years, work as a graffiti artist fired his interest in the relationship between art and the environment, fostering an ambition to produce art in public spaces and directing the focus of his formal art training. He graduated in 1998 from the London Institute of Arts, with a B.A. Honours in Sculpture and Ceramics. Later, experience in Canterbury Cathedral taught him traditional stone carving techniques whilst five years working in set design and concert installations exposed him to cranes, lifting, logistics and completing projects on a grand scale.

With this range of experiences he was equipping himself with the skills required to execute the ambitious underwater projects that have made his name. Carving cement instead of stone and supervising cranes while in full scuba gear to create artificial reefs submerged below the surface of the Caribbean Sea, the various strands of his diverse life resolve themselves convincingly in the development of his underwater sculptures. These ambitious, public works have a practical, functional aspect, facilitating positive interactions between people and fragile underwater habitats.

Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor has gained significant interest and recognition for his unique work, with features in over 1000 publications around the world, including National Geographic, Vogue, USA today, the BBC, and CNN and he has made several TV appearances. His international reputation was established in May 2006, when he created the world's first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, West Indies, leading to both private and public commissions. Taylor is currently founder and Artistic Director of the Museo Subacuático del Arte (MUSA) in Cancun, Mexico.


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